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Masturbation is simply us recognizing that touch feels good, no different than eating when you are hungry. Most gay persons find it rather comfortable making themselves have pleasure by themselves. They tend to do so for several reasons. When a person exposes themselves to non consenting individuals, their motivations often depend on the specific circumstances of the incident.

Feeling a different power dynamic

Someone who is doing that should be acting within a context of specific power over people, that has a different flavour than, say, someone who does that on the subway system or out on the street. It’s a different power dynamic individual. Many exhibitionists are driven by the thrill of exposing themselves alone, along with the reaction they receive from witnesses as they’re caught off-guard.

Desire to want to control

The power dynamic of the offender’s exposure and their desire for control is also often a significant reason behind their actions. There is a control factor to it. It is a powerful feeling, because you know you’re victimizing someone like displaying on a free webcam sex chat. Even if you’re not touching them, you’re victimizing whoever you’re exposing yourself to. The urge to masturbate in front of another person without her or his consent only emphasizes this distinction.

Masturbating too could be a matter of preference

A sexual predator choosing to masturbate instead of physically assault a victim is often simply a matter of preference. It might just be a particular kind of fantasy the person enjoys. Like in consensual sex, everyone has their preferences. The thorough line with these instances, though, is that part of the enjoyment is in making sure the other person is not equally receiving pleasure. It is shocking or exciting to catch someone off guard or do this to someone who cannot exercise control.

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